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The maximum punishment is a year's imprisonment, or a fine, or both.

Deadly Nipah virus claims victims in India

The BBC made the correction following a complaint filed by prominent organizations representing both communities in the UK. Asked by the reporter if there should be a dress code for women "to ensure their safety", Sharma allegedly replied: You started this fight. Shortly thereafter, the two organizations filed the complaint.

Why is India so bad for women?

Be the first to know - Join our Facebook page. Police action against Muslims also increased, with disastrous consequences in some cases. Two of the first successful cases were concluded in May And in Assam — a state long romanticised as the most female-friendly corner of the country, largely thanks to the matrilineal Khasi tribe in Meghalaya.

The decline in British manufacturing in the s and s badly affected the South Asian community, but they adapted to the service sector, using their redundancy money and raising funds from family to set up businesses.

The public broadcasting company BBC launched English-language programmes in Hindi and Urdu on radio and TV in aimed at teaching English to the families to help them integrate.

You started this fight. Some South Asian immigrants settled in Britain and set up businesses to cater to the seamen and other members of the community.

Exports gained some traction. Six days after the attack, the chief minister of Assam, the state where Guwahati is located, ordered the police to arrest a dozen key suspects. From the mid-nineteenth century lawyers, doctors and businessmen established themselves in Britain.

Historical context South Asian servants, seamen employed by the East India Company, and theatrical performers lived in Great Britain from the seventeenth century onwards.

Girls still tie Raksha bandhan or "safety ties" around their brothers' wrists as a symbol of their duty to protect them, she says. Club Mint, the bar outside which the young woman was molested, had its licence revoked.

Why is India so bad for women?

Every Indian woman the Guardian spoke to for this article agreed that harassment was part of their everyday lives. Be comfortable, but at the same time, be careful about how you dress She went on to outline another incident in India last week: He details in his written account: Zabeen Ahmed, the year-old librarian at Cotton College in Guwahati, tells how she was out for an evening walk not long ago when she was stopped by the police.

And as far as the law is concerned: June 8, 4: After asking a man not to stand too close to her, things turned nasty. General election votes for the anti-immigrant, far-right British National Party increased four-fold from to Despite being outlawed inthere have been very few prosecutions.

BBC Vishwa will focus on more original journalism which impacts human lives through its network of reporters across India to report on variety of stories and issues.

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The damage was already irreversible. India’s unemployment rate sees sharp decline: Report "This is a welcome trend and will contribute greatly for developing rural infrastructure," the report said.

Aug 12,  · India Business Report News - Check out the latest News on India Business Report. Get breaking news updates on India Business Report and published at Daily News & Analysis. People in India share fake news stories with nationalistic messages for "nation building" purposes without any attempt at fact-checking a report, according to a BBC research released on Monday.

Read Latest News on Politics, Business, Sports, Bollywood, Technology, and Science on The Telegraph India. Stay with us! CountryReports provides over 35, pages of online content on the cultures and countries of the world. With unique content from around the world, our members rely on. BBC to break 'Taboo' with 'inaccurate' portrayal of East India Company Historians challenge BBC drama that will portray East India Company as a sinister multinational and spy agency.

India business report bbc
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